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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I can say that is the most visited website in the Philippines. You can hardly find an internet cafe in the Philippines without any surfer checking his/her friendster profile. Teenagers and even some Pinoy adults have friendster accounts that they check or open regularly. If I am going to make a friendster statistics based on my personal observation, I can say that 7 out of 10 Filipino teenagers have friendster accounts. generate millions of traffic from Philippine users. I think earns millions from the advertisements that they put in their website

I like because it updates me about my friends- their activities, their latest pictures, their current locations, their birth dates etc. I can also meet new friends especially the friends of my friends. I agree that and other social network sites like and provides a way for people to connect with each other. But I am not happy with the obsessions of Filipino teenagers to Friendster users learned how to customize their Friendster profiles, edit the CSS codes of their friendster template, add new media to their profiles like youtube videos, beautiful graphics, background music, animations, and many more. What if they use these skills on blogging and earn some money through Google adsense ( and other advertisements? Their friendster profiles generate thousands of pageviews without earning anything; it is the friendster website that earns from the advertisements. It seems that don't have plans to share some of their income to the users. I am not that impressed with the changes or what they call as "improvements" in their website. I expect more because they earn more. Social network sites like share some of their earnings to the users.

So my "kababayan" (folks), I do recommend blogging if you want to earn some money to cover up your internet cafe expenses. If your blog becomes successfull, you may even pay your tuition fees, your mom and dad would be greatly impressed. (I've know some people online that finance their education through blogging). You can use your earnings from blogging to cover up your expenses to your "luhos" (leisure/pleasurable stuff). It would be nice for a person to have a friendster account as well as a blog.

Blogging would not only help yourself but would also help our country. For example, if Google Adsense pays you, it would be a dollar remittance to our country. Remittances increase our dollar reserve which helps our economy grow.

So what are you waiting for, create your own blog now and begin earning. If you are a beginner, I recommend creating you're first blog in
With, it is easy to create and customize your blog. After publishing sufficient number of blog posts, you can now apply to the google adsense program in this link. Don't apply to the Google adsense program if your blog don't contain sufficient amount of textual contents or simply blog posts because you're application would surely be rejected.

I advise you to write about topics that interest you most. If you are interested with online gaming, you can write reviews about the games you've played already. If you're interested with movies, you can write a movie review for the latest movie you've watched. To enjoy blogging (while earning), write about things that you really enjoy because if not you would easily get bored and everything you've started will result to nothing.


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