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Sunday, April 19, 2009


How to compete with is a good source of articles that teach us step-by-step on how to do almost anything. It is a very popular and very useful site. I am planning to write how-to articles in this blog but I am afraid if I can compete with in the SERP (Search Engine Rank Page) considering that is already an established website. Almost all “how-to’s” were already published in so it will be hard to create new how-to articles. I cannot join the revenue sharing scheme of because I think international writers are not eligible to the program. Even if I am eligible with the program, I will still be choosing to write my own how-to articles on my site because I would rip all the monetary benefits from the ads (e.g. Google adsense).

I am still enthusiastic to write how-to articles even though and other how-to sites are there. Let the search engines decide on who will be on the top.
My main motivation to write how-to articles is not to compete with how-to sites but to learn as I write. The best way to learn how-to do things is to teach them to others –through writing.

I have already many how-to topics (in mind) that I am planning to write and publish. I hope that my future how-to articles will help others.

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