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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is Blogging Lucrative? Is blogging for me?

A pleasant day to anybody who's reading this article.

When I'm writing this blog post, I am terribly confused whether I would continue my quest to do active blogging because I really don't know if I am gonna succeed. I'll be honest to you, I want to have a blog and earn money from doing so. But I know that if my aim/goal is just to earn money, I would not succeed in blogging; for sure I will easily lose hope if I will not earn some bucks through ads considering that I am a newbie. My mind is telling me that I should not lose hope and I should try because I would not lose anything anyways except my time (though I am not quite busy right now.

I know I can make it considering that I already earned hundreds of dollars writing science articles in a popular freelance writing website. I was paid upfront payments from the articles I wrote and earned some bucks from the page views. The upfront payment is pretty good with a moderate touch of decency. But I am not that happy with the pageview payment. Its about 2 USD for a thousand page view. Maybe its not bad for others but for a newbie like me it is very hard to get a thousand pageview in this time that millions of websites are competing for the same article topic or the same SEO keyword. The upfront payment makes me very happy and my sadness on the pageview payment is relieved.

One moment, when I was surfing the internet, an idea entered my mine. What if I will make my own blog and maximize the pageviews that my articles obtain. I thought that if I own a blog, the payment would not just be based on pageviews but I will earn from the "clicks" on the ads. Correct me I am wrong and you're free to leave a comment below.

I am still writing for that freelance writing website but I want to experiment with blogging and I am very excited to see the results of this experiment. Whether the results are good or bad, I am very ready. ( I am quite OK for dissapointments, I accept them as challenges).

I have read a plethora of articles online that blogging can be lucrative if you just have the guts to write quality articles and have the patience to create posts regularly. Moreover, a knowledge of SEO would greatly help to drive traffic in your article. Perhaps I have these qualities (moderately) :). I can write quality articles on topics that I really know or on topics that I don't know much but I can do research and write about them afterwards. I am a science major but I can write philosophy articles at some point in time (during those philosophical moments).

I've read from blogs that bloggers quit blogging because they don't have time to create posts regularly. Well I understand them but it is not a very good excuse. They can find time to write, if they really like to. Maybe a 30 minute break to write an article with 100 words would do. It is not hard to find time to update your blog, if you really want to. But if you're just a lazy type of person, then I advise you to update yourseld first before updating your blog.

SEO or search engine optimization can be a very powerful factor in the success of your website in terms of driving traffic. There are free SEO tips online that you can learn with. The idea behind SEO is that by using "highly searched" short keywords in your article many times and in a natural way, our article has the higher chance of landing top in search engine ranking. You're article can be at the top 1 or at the top 10; it depends how the search engine calculate the worth of your article. As a new freelance writer, I really appreciate the importance of SEO to compete with millions of articles online that aim for a high search engine ranking.

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