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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Are you looking for free SEO keywords that you want to incorporate in your blog articles? I recommend the free SEO keywords tool of The site allows you to enter a word/s (of your interest (e.g. paypal). After entering the word/s, wordtracker presents a list of specific keywords related to your search and the corresponding number of daily searches for each of the keywords. For example, if you enter the word "adsense" in the "keyword search tab", a list of keywords will be returned to you. (I performed it myself and I recommend that you try). I found out that the keyword "adsense" has a 256 searches a day. It is followed by the keyword "google adsense" with a 206 searches a day. The third in the list is the more specific keyword "google adsense account disabled" which has 28 searches a day. This means that there are at least 28 people a day searching for articles on "google adsense account disabled." Maybe these people are looking for articles that will tell them why their google adsense accounts were disabled or maybe these people are looking for articles that will give them information on what to do if their google adsense accounts will be disabled in the future, or maybe these 28 people are looking for articles that will tell them of the factors that could make their google adsense account be disabled by the google adsense administrators. Wordtracker has gave me the top 100 searches for "adsense", you can view the complete list at this link.

So if you are a blogger searching for free SEO keywords for your blog articles, I recommend wordtracker. However, using the keywords provided by wordtracker does not guarantee a low page rank (appear at the top 10 or top 20 in search engines) for your articles. It still depends on other factors that the search engines could only determine. But I advise you to use the keywords naturally in your paragraphs (at least twice per paragraph) and incorporate the keywords in your titles and subtitles. Never use your keywords in a "spammy" way because search engines would penalize you.

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