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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


While surfing the net looking for great articles on how to make money online, I stumbled upon this site of Carl Ocab, a very successful teenage blogger in the Philippines. It is very amazing that a 15 year-old Filipino kid created a name in the internet arena by just blogging and making money from it. His sites are in the top 100,000 of and his earnings can be higher than the usual earnings of business managers in the Philippines. This kid was also featured twice in the national newspaper and interviewed by top Philippine websites. It's a big WOW. My nose totally bled (figuratively speaking). I am very proud of CARL OCAB's success because he is one of the few Filipino youths who really explore their potentials in earning money. I wish that more teenagers will learn the success of CARL OCAB and follow his foot steps. There are many Filipino teenagers out there who spend a lot of money in online gaming and social networking but very few of them are earning money.

I envy Carl Ocab for his achievement as a blogger. He proved himself well. He is a PRIME MOVER in the blogosphere. He is a total IDOL! At an early age (14), he managed to build and maintain a very profitable website. Bloggers abroad are totally amazed. The Filipinos are very proud of him. He inspired me to explore my potentials as a blogger and to continue my quest towards financial freedom. I am very excited!!!

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I signed up on Carl Ocab's newsletters and waiting for bright blogging ideas from him.

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