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Friday, April 17, 2009

HOW TO OPEN A GMAIL ACCOUNT? Step by Step Instructions

GMAIL (Google Mail) is one of the most popular free web-based email services today. It is hosted by GOOGLE, the leader in internet technology. Many are switching to GMAIL because it offers a larger disc space, faster loading of messages, added security, and many more that other free web-based email services. The reasons why I switched to gmail is its professional look, fast loading of messages, and value added services that I did not find in other websites that offer free email accounts. It is not surprising that many internet users are asking the following questions: “How do I create a gmail account?” or “How do I sign up a gmail account?” or “How do I register a gmail account?” As an answer to these questions I made this article to teach you on how to open your first gmail account. As a gmail user, I can say generally that I am very contented on how gmail works.

It is very easy to create a gmail account. Just follow these steps:

In your browser type or simply type gmail and press CONTROL + ENTER.

Look at the sign up button and click it. You will then be directed to a webpage containing a form which you will fill in.

Fill up the form correctly. Read the instructions thoroughly and do not rush.

You should register a gmail user name that you could easily remember. It should also be unique which means nobody with gmail account uses it. There is the “check availability” button there which you could use to check whether your desired user name is taken already or still available. If the user name is unavailable, gmail will suggest available keywords related to the unavailable username you entered. Although you can still enter another username of your choice just be sure that it is not being used by other gmail users.

In choosing your gmail password, make sure that it is hard enough for others to guess correctly. It is not advisable to use your birth date. You should enter a minimum of 8 characters in length. I would advise you to make a password made up of letters and numbers (alphanumeric). The most important thing to remember is NEVER FORGET YOUR PASSWORD.

Choose the best security question and NEVER forget the specific answer for that question. You will need the answer if in case you forget your password.

You should also enter a secondary email address (can be your old email account) where gmail will send your password if in case you forget it. If you don’t have other email account, just leave it blank.

Don’t forget to type the word verification and accept the terms of service (TOS) before submitting the form.

Congratulations, you’ve just created your gmail account.

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