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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs

There are a lot of freelance writing jobs in the internet right now. Most freelance writing opportunities are offered by US companies but some are based in other countries. Examples of websites offering free freelance writing jobs is AssociatedContent.Com, Brighthub.Com, Constant-Content.Com, Helium.Com, MyLot.Com, Textbroker.Com, Demand Studio.Com and many others. An example of writing freelance website outside the US is which is based in Israel. These websites have a lot of similarities and differences. Their major similarity is that they are willing to pay writers for writing articles of different topics. They differ in the way they pay their writers. Some of the freelance writing websites only pay their writers based on the number of page views that their articles earned. The payment would be X dollars per thousand page views. Some pay the freelance writers with upfront payment aside from the page view earnings. Upfront payments are the payment given to the writer for writing a particular article. Other websites act as mediator for author and article-buyer transactions. An example of website with that role is

What is

Constant-Content.Com is a website where writers submit their articles waiting for buyers to buy them. Writers can write articles of any topic; among the topics are Alternative Medicine, Gardening, Genetics, Trivia, How To’s, and many, many more. Authors should submit quality articles (no grammar and spelling errors) to avoid rejection by expert editors. The articles should also be unique because they punished writers caught plagiarizing. They use anti-plagiarism software to detect whether a particular article has parts that were obtained in other websites or whether that article has already been published elsewhere in the internet. Articles are usually approved by editors 2-3 days after submission. If the article is approved, the article is immediately moved to the site’s archive of thousands of other articles. The article can be viewed by article-buyers who are looking for articles that they could use in their websites or magazines. The buyers could only view at least one third of the whole article. The only way for them to view and use the whole article is to buy it. However, some writers don’t put any payment to their articles. They allow their articles to be published in different websites and print materials. They gain exposure through that way.

Buyers can avail usage purchase and full rights purchase. A usage purchase is when a buyer buys a particular article from the site for use (whether for a website or magazine). However, the article would still be posted in the website for other buyers to buy and use. The writer however cannot modify the article grammatically but he or she can put links into the article. If this rule is violated, the website will do the necessary actions. If the buyer buys the article for full rights, the article would be removed from the website and you could place your name as the sole author of the article. You could also modify the article and post it to all of your websites. You can even sell it to the websites that you own.

What is good in is that writers are the one who determine the prices of their articles. Usually, the usage purchase has lower price than the full rights usage. Constant-content.Com gets a third of every writer’s income. The website gets its earning from the sales of the writers, so expect that the website don’t need to put ads in order to earn money.

Constant.Content.Com also provides an opportunity for photographers to sell photographs of any kind. Buyers can avail these photos for usage purchase or for full rights.

How to Register in Constant.Content.Com?

To register in the website, follow this link. Registration takes just few minutes. The writer should provide a pen name but they need to register their real name. International freelance writers are welcome. All writers are required to have a valid paypal account where their earnings will be deposited. In the registration process, they will register their paypal email address. Writers can avail a free paypal account by going to this link.

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