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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Which Blog Platform Is The Best? Blogger or WordPress?

My Personal Answer

There has been so many debates in the blogosphere of which blog platform is the best. Is it Blogger or WordPress? As a new (and emerging) blogger, I found blogger as user friendly and with a touch of elegance. Creating a blog with blogger is not that hard, it is just like creating an account in a social network site like friendster, myspace, and facebook. The tools are easily to use. You can put a short but comprehensive profile about yourself; you can choose from a variety of templates that suits your blog's style; and you can choose from beautiful widgets that you can easilly put in your in your webpage. The instructions are clear and in a step by step manner. I highly recommend blogger for those who are new in the blogosphere.

What I really like with blogger is that there is a google adsense widget there (in the layout tab) that I can easily put to my webpage and customize its location in my blog. Google adsense (I believe) can be a potential income generating program for me as a blogger and for you also if you already have a blog. If you still don't have a blog but you have the guts to write then make a blog now and earn some money. I did not meet any problem "installing" adsense to my blogger blog after it was accepted to the google adsense program.

I tried Wordpress for a medical science blog that I planned to build; unfortunately it has not been successful because I learned that the site does not allow its members to put the google adsense code in their blogs and they require the bloggers to pay before they could edit the css codes of their blogs. For a newbie blogger like me, I am resistant to this program that requires me to pay knowing that there is a free service offered by blogger. Blogger allows it bloggers to edit the html codes and also allows them to add java scripts and css codes. Therefore blogger is truly a user friendly blog platform for bloggers who have little or no knowledge about html, css, and java - copy and paste would be a good start.

Below are additional comments that I've learned from other bloggers.

Blogger versus WordPress. What bloggers can say?

I've searched the internet and read articles comparing blogger and wordpress in terms of their advantages and disadvantages. I summarized them for you.

The Advantages of Blogger.Com Include The Following:

* It is simply easy to create a blog. It is just like creating an account in or The instructions are easy to follow. There are also helpful articles made by the Blogger team to help you with your problems. Some blogging terms that are new to you have links that would lead you to a webpage that defines or explains that word.

* Because Google owns blogger, there is the tendency that the most powerful search engine (Google) crawls your blog regularly and "index" your articles. Some bloggers say that Google may even favor sites in search results because of the main reason that is Google's property.

* It is very easy for anyone to manage the controls in such as the layout settings. There are cool widgets that could be easily added to your blog (e.g. youtube videos, news, clock, quote of the day, bible passage of the day, and many many more).

* I think the most popular advantage of is that it allows its bloggers to display adversisement in their blogs through the google adsense program. In this program, bloggers are able to monetize their blog - an alternative way of earnng money. It is very nice to think that you are earning money by just sharing what you know to the world.

The Disadvanatges of Blogger.Com Include The Following:

* It is hard for readers to leave comments on blog posts. Hopefully the Blogger team is doing something to improve their commenting system.

*The blogger cannot filter spams. It is important to rid off spams so that you will be safe from the punishments of googles to spammers.

* You need a considerale knowldege in CSS in order for you to create many pages. I am not good with CSS right now but I will surely study on how to make more pages for this blog. I need more pages to organize my posts.

* There are only few good templates to choose from and again, you need to know CSS to make your own personalized template.


*One of the best features of
is that you can import pages from your blogger to your WordPress blog.

*In WordPress, you can have extra pages like About, Contact, Archives, and the like.

*There are more blog templates to choose from in than in Although there are other blog templates available in the internet that you can use in your Blogger blog (as well as in WordPress). You can just copy the css code of these blog templates and insert it to your blogs.

*According to bloggers, WordPress has a good commenting system. You can easily enter your comments below the blog post; you can even put comments to other comments for that blog post.

*You can also add few bookmarking sites to your blog without doing any "coding".


*Unlike Blogger blogs you can not automatically display advertisements or even Google Adsense in

*You cannot use the plugins available in to

*You need to pay them before you could edit the CSS codes. In Blogger, you can edit the codes without paying anything.

*You need hardwork to master using This is the reason why most bloggers recommend WordPress for advance bloggers.


If I will use a free blog platform, I will prefer mainly because I can display advertisements (e.g. Google Adsense , InFoLinks , Kontera ). Ninety percent of my motivation to blog is to earn money. If you are the typeof person that wants to blog but not "interested" in earning some bucks, then I recommend

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