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Thursday, April 9, 2009

How To Get a UnionBank EON Card? Step by Step Instructions

Enrolling to UnionBank EON Card Account is not that hard and it just like enrolling to ATM savings account in other banks. All you need to do is to visit a UnionBank branch near you and bring 2 valid IDs with their photocopies (examples of accepted IDs are postal ID, school ID, PRC ID, SSS Id, GSIS ID, and other valid IDs) and that’s it! But be sure that your IDs are not expired because they would not be accepted. Based on my experience, they did not require me to submit photos because (I think) the photos in the valid IDs (photographed) are enough for verification purposes. They customer rep. will give you a form to fill out. The annual service fee of PhP 350 will only be collected after you received your EON card after 2 weeks or more.

After 2 weeks, check the bank if your card already arrived from the main office. If your EON card is already there, you will be instructed to pay the PhP 350 annual fee on the teller. I advise you to already deposit an initial amount of at least 100 pesos (make it 150 if you can) because you will be needing that amount of money in verifying your PayPal account using UnionBank EON Card Visa Electron.

After the payment processes, you will be instructed by the bank customer rep. to wait for at least 3 business days for your EON card to be fully activated. After 3 business days, you are now ready to go online; you are now ready to activate your UnionBank EON CyberAccount. To do this, visit and click the link for the UnionBank CyberAccount. You will see there a sign up link which you will click to load a form which you will fill in. The important info that you will note in this registration process are your UnionBank EON Card account number (the one below your name in the card); your UnionBank EON Card Number (The one above your name and printed bold); the three digit CW number found in the left side of the signature box at the back of the card. I hope that you will not be having a hard time learning how to find/locate the account number and card number of your UnionBank EON card.

Upon submitting the form in the website, you will then be instructed to wait for at least 5-7 days for your UnionBank CyberAccount to be activated. I know what you’re thinking. The waiting time is already horrible. But be patient you will not get anything if you lose your patience. Though I advise you to release that anger in any way that suits your style. So after 5-7 days try to login in the website. If you successfully entered your UnionBank CyberAccount, then I congratulate you. I know the joy!

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